Recruitment Procedure

  1. Enquiry to join Explora Haven
  2. Applicants need to book an appointment to come into the office with all requested documentation to either complete our application form or download and complete our application form online (
  3. The forms will be checked to ensure that they are fully completed
  4. The applicant will be interviewed and if successful, he/she will complete the following in addition: –
    • P46/P38 Tax Form if applicable
    • Terms of Engagement
  5. The applicant will provide the following documentation:
    • Proof of National Insurance Number
    • Passport or Birth Certificate or document to show eligibility to work in UK
    • Relevant Certificates (Courses will be checked)
    • P45 if applicable
    • Inoculation Certificate of Hepatitis B and C
  6. If no satisfactory evidence of Hepatitis B or C immunity is shown, then the applicant will be referred to their GP for immunisation.
  7. If all the above steps are satisfactory then the applicant will be accepted subject to two satisfactory references (one being professional and the other could be either professional or character). An intensive three-day induction training will then be carried out for the successful applicants.
  8.  If at any stage the applicant is found unsuitable, they will be informed and the procedure will be discontinued.
  9. The applicant will be provided with the following: –
    • ID name badge
    • Time Sheets
    • Payment guidelines
    • Code of conduct (this is communicated after the interview a mini induction is conducted with the new candidate)
  10. Once satisfactory references are received and immunisations are completed the worker can then be placed to work, first under supervision by a senior care worker for a period before allowed to work on their own.

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The following points are the recruitment process we follow:

a)Prospective applicants are invited to our open day , usually on  Thursdays held within our office premises, to complete application forms

b)Upon completing the registration form, the prospective applicant under goes an interview at our office premises.

c)As part of our recruitment procedure, we request two written references for each applicant which are checked before formally recruiting them onto our books

d)New recruits need to attend our monthly induction course where they are briefed on the ethics of the company that conforms with the  care standards and the quality of service we require from them to deliver and vice versa. Certificates are issued at the end of the induction course.

e)Our Health Care Assistants/Support Workers/Enablers need to have the required regulatory qualifications.

Explora Haven-CQC Report Summary

Explora Haven-CQC Report Summary