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Date:                           29, 30 & 31 March 2016

Time:                          Small groups at variable times from 11:00 – 15:00

Attendees:               Julia Mills – Director

Ruby Suka-Mortey –Registered Manager

Care workers

Called By:                 Julia Mills

Location:                  Unit 41a Millennium Business Centre

Meeting Type:        Staff meeting

Facilitator:               Julia Mills and Ruby Suka-Mortey

Notes Taker:           Miss Julia Mills


Agenda Objectives

  1. Safeguarding
  2. Call Monitoring system
  3. Rotas distribution
  4. Health and safety
  5. General wellbeing
  6. London Living Wage
  7. Self-employed scheme
  8. Number of hours to be allocated
  9. Complaints and complements
  10. Quality monitoring report

Other Matters

Training2 Training1

Minutes for carers and support workers meetings


Venue: Unit 41A Millennium Business Centre, Humber Road, London NW2 6DW


Days & times: 29 March 2016 (Small groups from 11:00 – 15:00)

30 March 2016 (Small groups from 11:00 – 15:00)

31 March 2016 (Small groups from 11:00 – 15:00)



Facilitator:      Ms Julia Mills

Meeting Type: Staff meeting


Agenda Objectives discussed

  1. Safeguarding
  2. Call Monitoring system
  3. Rotas distribution
  4. Health and safety
  5. General wellbeing
  6. London Living Wage
  7. Self-employed scheme
  8. Number of hours to be allocated
  9. Complaints and complements
  10. Quality monitoring report
  11. Other matters

Outcome of discussion


Ms Julia Mills welcomed all staff present at the meeting in the various sections and expressed her appreciation and gratitude to them for taking time out of their busy schedules to honour their invitation to the meeting. She also stated that the management of Explora Haven and office staff alone can not run the organisation and make decisions without their input, which is why it is so important to attend meetings such as this, to discuss issues, policies and implement procedures together.

  1. Safeguarding
  2. Call Monitoring System – Ms Mills explained that the call monitoring system, also known as the ‘log-in and log-out system’ when used properly, helps management record and monitor all call visits efficiently. She mentioned that the system is already implemented and running smoothly and effectively in The City of London and will be introduced to all our service users by May 2016. She also explained the benefits of the call monitoring system as promoting punctuality on homecare visits and accuracy in payroll and invoicing, avoiding miss-calls, hence safeguarding both service users and staff. The staff were enthusiastic but asked a few questions such as the following:

(Q) What can I do if the service user is using the phone when I arrive?

(A) You report to the office and you will be informed of what to do after confirming your presence at the service user’s home.

(Q) What do I do if I finish before the allocated time and service user askes me to leave? (A) You write in the communication book, log-out, leave and inform the office.

(Q) What do I do if service user’s phone is broken for some reason?

(A) Carer must inform the office about the situation and also document it in the communication folder.

  1. Rotas distribution – Ms Mills asked all the staff in the respective sections if they were happy with the way rotas are communicated to them and they all responded positively to                                                       the question. Some of the staff however mentioned that the rotas, when received and opened on their emails come up too small and difficult to read. Some also complained about the size of our timesheets and suggested if the size could be enlarged. I said then that the concerns would be looked into and addressed.
  2. Health and Safety – Ms Mills stressed on the importance of working in a safe environment, hence the process management embark on prior to the commencement of a new package; where general assessments are carried out and strategies implemented where risks are identified. Ms Mills then stressed on the importance of regular feedbacks to the office regarding changes in service users’ circumstances that may affect their safety or health in anyway. A couple of staff then mentioned a few observations and concerns with their service users and they were advised to raise the issues with the care team before leaving the office that day for them to be addressed.
  3. General Wellbeing – The staff were advised by Ms Mills to try to look after themselves by eating well, sleeping well and going for regular checks with their GP’s, and not to be focused on work all the time. It is also important to take particular attention of their personal hygiene, looking and smelling fresh even with service users. Ms Mills apologised on behalf of the care team when they are asked to cover additional calls for us, but after it’s all said and done, they have to take time out and take care of themselves.
  4. London Living Wage – Ms Mills announced to the staff that the company would be part of the London Living Wage scheme from May 2016. So all hourly rates increased from £8.00 to £9.50. Ms Mills further explained that management appreciates their hard work and want to help them improve their quality of live by working less for more to enable them look after themselves.
  5. Self-employed scheme – Ms Mills continued by saying that as hourly wages are going up, PAYE will also go up. She then presented the staff with the self-employment scheme, offering them the chance to chose that option or remain on payroll.
  6. Number of hours to be allocated – Ms Mills continued by saying that the essence of the wage increase is to assist staff to improve their quality of life, hence imperative to cut down on those working long hours. The staff present were extremely content with that information provided.
  7. Complaints and Complements – Ms Mills emphasised on the importance of airing ones views or concerns in an appropriate and professional manner by following the company’s complaints and complements policies and procedures. She also mentioned that some care staff had called the office and had spoken rudely and harshly to the care team, and at some point reduced a member of staff to tears. Although the individual was given a verbal warning, it is completely unacceptable and MUST be stopped. Some carers also expressed their dissatisfaction on how some of the office staff communicate with them. Ms Mills again emphasised on the importance of following the complaint procedure and who to contact even when urgent, regarding such issues.
  8. Quality Monitoring – Ms Mills encouraged staff to continue working hard and be of their best behaviour when they are with service users, as it will reflect on the annual quality monitoring report received from the service users. She also mentioned that they are the ambassadors of Explora Haven and therefore must be watchful of their actions out there as it as a direct impact on the company’s image.
  9. Other Matters – a number of suggestions were made by the staff present and was up for discussion:
  10. That there was not much space provided on the timesheets for information to be documented or logged and has to be enlarged.
  11. That the company provides mobile phones to all workers
  12. That the fabric and colour of the polo shirts used as uniforms must be changed from white to any other colour and also to a lighter fabric. They also suggested making some tabards (aprons) for those who would use them.
  13. That the resent order of the gloves they were using to word had a poor quality. I reassured them by saying that we were going to complain to our suppliers and get the items changed.
  14. Someone also mentioned that some of the services users airs their displease when they use their tissues to dry their hand after washing their hands. It was therefore suggested to carers to use their own tissues and hand sanitizers provided by the company.
  15. Christmas/End of Year Party/Festivities – it was suggested that the company forms a committee that will include some of the carers to plan the festive program.
  16. The company is also looking into introducing a suitable pension scheme for all staff. Staff will be notified and updated regularly with information when received.


The meetings were brought to close by Ms Mills when all queries and enquiries were discussed and staff were content with the outcome. Each group’s meeting took up to an hour and a half approximately.


Notes Taker: Ms M Asante     ______________________________________________________