Explora Haven Training and Support Services Ltd

Our Team


Providing Care With a Smile

Providing care with a smile goes beyond mere professionalism at our facility. It's rooted in genuine dedication and devotion to those in need, ensuring our services are delivered with heartfelt compassion.

Attentive Listening

We're attentive listeners who welcome anything you wish to share. Count on us to provide sincere advice, blending professional expertise with empathy.

Experienced Care Providers

Our caregivers are experienced professionals with years of expertise in supporting individuals navigating health challenges.

The Explora Haven Team

At Explora Haven, our commitment to care is heartfelt, unwavering, and held to the highest standards. We seek colleagues for our devoted, diverse team who embody essential qualities: expertise, genuineness, and empathy.
Ruby Mortey
Lin Tan
Olu Martins
Carol Magbanua
Nanna Abena Ampofoa